Applied functional programming course taught at Department of Informatics, UiT The Arctic University of Norway.

Administrative information

Course objectives and other administrative information

The GitHub organization for this course is uit-inf-3910-s19

We have a Slack team.

We have a Zulip organization! Please join and chat about the course and the assignments.

Please ruminate on this page about citation, plagiarism, &c. from the university. Norwegian only.

We have the following rooms and hours:

The Monday’s lectures will be devoted to more theoretical aspects of functional programming. The lectures on Wednesday and Thursday will be of a more practical nature, focusing on application in F#.

Refer to the lecture plan, and information in Slack for which room is used when.


Lecture plan


  1. Lecture 1 (14.01.2019)
  2. Lecture 2 (22.01.2019)
  3. Lecture 3 (28.01.2019)
  4. Lecture 4 (04.02.2019)
  5. Lecture 5 (06.02.2019) (not yet available)
  6. Lecture 6 (11.02.2019)
  7. Lecture 7 (18.02.2019)
  8. Lecture 8 (20.02.2019)
  9. Lecture 9 (25.02.2019)
  10. Lecture 10 (04.03.2019)
  11. Lecture 11 (11.03.2019)
  12. Lecture 12 (18.03.2019)


  1. Exercise 1 (24.01.2019)
  2. Exercise 2 (31.01.2019)


  1. F# OOP features

Mandatory assignments


Practial information

The primary programming environment used during the course will be:

Mandatory readings

Functional Programming Using F#, Michalel R Hansen and Hans Rischel, Cambridge University Press, ISBN 978-1-107-68406-5

Using algebraic types